What will I need to obtain a building permit?

Building permits reviewed by the Inspections Division range from large to small. The following items may be required depending upon the kind of permit being sought: 

  • Site plan(s) showing detailing the proposed changes to the property;
  • Contractor names, addresses, and state license numbers for the particular trade or general contractor;
  • Information pertaining to well & septic permits, if needed, from Orange County Environmental Health;
  • Necessary documentation for related projects such as load calculations for Mechanical renovations or change-outs.
  • Sealed Architectural and/or Engineering Plans as needed;
  • For Commercial Permits, as needed: Appendix B from Building Code, Facilities Calculations, Water System Calculations.
  • Relevant permit fees and forms as required by Inspections or Zoning; these can be found at the link below:

Related Documents and Forms

Please call Inspections if you have any questions about permits at 919-918-7336.

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