Westwood Cemetery

Westwood Cemetery Sign. Sign is made primarily of brick and encircled in summer flowers.

Westwood Cemetery Master Plan

On September 19, 2023, Carrboro Town Council approved the Westwood Cemetery Master Plan prepared by Carter van Dyke Associates (CVDA). The Plan for the 8.73-acre existing cemetery includes the following improvements: Westwood Master Plan (Approved 09-19-2023) Landscape

  • Expanded areas for burial plots
  • Diversified interment options    
  • New loop road access to improve traffic safety
  • Asphalt and mulch walking paths
  • A rain garden to limit erosion
  • Reflection area with seating, flags, and memorial wall
  • New fence that will encompass the cemetery 
  • Tree plantings, 
  • Undeveloped greenspace

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Land Area

Westwood Cemetery is comprised of 8.73 acres of land of which 2.4 acres consists of  undeveloped open space and 2.4 acres are wooded.  

History Overview

According to a study funded by The Preservation Society of Chapel Hill, A Segregated Part of Heaven: The History of the West Chapel Hill Cemetery, the “new” Carrboro cemetery (known as “Westwood”), was established circa 1933 and may have been a whites-only or segregated cemetery, at least until desegregation occurred in the 1960s.”

The first recorded burial is that of Roger Davis in 1904.  There are some unmarked graves.  


Westwood Cemetery is located at 401 Davie Road on the corner of Fidelity Street.

Internment Options

The Following internment options are available at Westwood Cemetery:

  • Traditional (In-ground)
  • Natural (Green)
  • Cremains (In-ground)