Carrboro Tree Value Tags

Carrboro Stormwater is working with an UNC intern on an educational outreach program that will tie stormwater, water quality, and urban forestry together. The focus is downtown, Town owned properties, and schools, and includes outreach to promote trees and tree canopy for improving water quality and increasing stormwater runoff interception and infiltration.

Starting on March 22nd and as part of the Town of Carrboro’s Arbor Day celebration, “Tree Value Tags” will be placed throughout town with information on how trees are a valuable part of the town’s green infrastructure. 

Do you want to know the economic and ecological value of the trees on your property? Do you want to see where a tree planting on your property can add the most value? Then check out the tools available from iTree.

There are 30 tree value tags placed throughout town showcasing the value of select trees. Can you find them all?Tree Value Tag Sample

More information is available from Heather Holley, Stormwater Specialist,, 919.918.7426.

For more information on i-Tree tools see the Tools Web page:

You can discuss this and other Stormwater related matters with staff at the following events:

Saturday, March 23rd at the Carrboro Farmer's Market

Sunday, April 7th at Carrboro Open Streets

Wednesday, April 10th at the Carrboro Farmer's Market

Saturday, April 13th at the Carrboro Farmer's Market

Carrboro Tree Value Tag Locations